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About The Authors

Debra Valencia is a visionary artist, designer and entrepreneur with a passion for world travel, artisan traditions and popular genres. Her designs take a fresh approach to creatively blending florals, paisleys, geometric and decorative motifs, appealing to women who love bold color, fashion and femininity. Debra is currently licensed with product manufacturers in the gift, stationery, textiles, home décor, fashion accessories, bath/body, and cosmetics industries. Her designs have sold as quilting fabric collections in both independent and mass market retailers internationally.

Cheyanne Valencia is a creative seamstress, quilter, and owner of Prairie Pony Mercantile in Bozeman, Montana. Cheyanne believes in doing things the old fashioned way—by hand. She carries on the venerable traditions of sewing and needle arts, creating hand-stitched, one-of-a-kind crafts to sell at farmer's markets, craft fairs, quilt shows, festivals, and online. This versatile sewer excels at making handmade western folk art, as well as original contemporary pieces from her sister's designer fabrics.
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