Debra Valencia Personized Stationery and Gifts

About Debra

Debra ValenciaDebra Valencia, a visionary artist, designer and entrepreneur with a passion for world travel, artisan traditions and popular genres, has branded a California style uniquely her own. Her colorful chic designs are found in the licensed lifestyle market, appealing to women who love style, fashion and femininity. The Debra Valencia™ designs take a fresh approach to creatively blending florals, paisleys, geometric and decorative motifs in an artistic imaginative way. Her artful creations are inspired by craftsman of cultures from all over the world, including textile arts and architectural ornamentation, as well as pop art, fashion and everything vintage. Like a talented chef whose fusion of unexpected ingredients turns an ordinary dish into an extravaganza, Debra mixes and matches elements to create signature designs that bring color, style and beauty to everyday life. Debra is currently licensed with over 30 manufacturers in gift, stationery, textiles, home décor, fashion accessories, bath/body, and cosmetics.  

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